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Decor Components, Inc
Moz Designs
Main CSI Section 057000
Description For nearly 20 years, Móz Designs has been providing the Architectural and Design community with innovative architectural products and high-end custom fabricated services. Founded in Oakland, California, Móz Designs began manufacturing metal furniture and fixtures for commercial and residential interiors. Today, Móz is a versatile resource for any Design/Build Project; we provide Metal Architectural Products —standard and custom—and provide our clients with concept development, custom design, detailed drawings, budget prices and installation drawings.

Móz Designs strives to be an industry leader with unsurpassed quality and customer service. Our mission is to partner with architects and designers and provide support and long term commitment to the design and installation of their specified products. One of our primary goals is to simplify the process for architects, designers, and contractors by delivering support, knowledge, and coordination throughout the entire design/build cycle - from conception to installation.

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Related CSI Section(s) 121000, 121200, 124626
Member Decor Components
Kathie Wood
705 E Truman Place
West Covina, CA 91790
Phone: (213) 434-1490

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