Steve Nicolai has been in sales for nearly 48 years starting in the hardware industry. Steve and Madonna have been married for 47 years and they are proud grandparents and have lots of cute stories to tell and I’m sure you would enjoy all of these stories. Steve enjoys traveling and has been in all fifty states, in over 55 countries and a business trip around the world in 220 days. Many of the countries have changed their names in the last 50 years.

Steve has been in Producers Council for 20 years and has been a board member for has more than 15 years. Nicolai and Associates has specialized in Industrial and decorative doors. Jobs include the largest doors in the world for NASA   85’W x 435’H, Cathedral. Pauley Pavilion, fire stations, blast and BR doors. We can and do build any type of doors. We have furnished detention hardware all through the Western US, including Hawaii. We have furnished 0ver 20 jails, police stations. Prisons in LA County alone.